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Berea_Midpark High School Library General Information: BMHS Social Studies Guide

A guide to everything library for the staff and students of Berea-Midpark High School.

This guide will help you navigate your research in history, government, world history, sociology and psychology.  Each of these subject areas requires different sources for research. 

Historical researchers gain an understanding of the past by examining evidence from books, historical sites, pictures maps and artifacts.  They rely on difference types of sources: primary and secondary.  Primary sources are first hand information such as diaries, letters and original documents from the past. Secondary sources are other historians' interpretation or analysis usually found in books, and scholarly journal articles.  

Psychological research is a systematic study and analysis of the experiences and behaviors of individuals or groups.   Usually this type of research is done first-hand but they may also use other sources such as books, and scholarly journals for information.

Sociological research usually employs the scientific method to gather data and evidence to research ways people understand and describe their social world.  Sociologists may also use previous studies found in books and scholarly journals to assist them with there research.

This guide is designed to help you access both primary and secondary resources that may be useful when conducting these types of research for school.

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