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Berea_Midpark High School Library General Information: Papas - English 162 & English 1020 Research Paper

A guide to everything library for the staff and students of Berea-Midpark High School.

Assignment Requirements

This last paper you are researching an aspect of the Adnan Syed case.  Your goal is to formulate a thesis which presents an argument that goes beyond simply whether or not you believe Syed is guilty or not guilty, although that can be part of your argument.  Your paper can focus on analyzing and evaluating the Serial podcast, or your paper can focus on the case itself.  Consider the following aspects of the case on which to possibly base an argument:

Brady Violation Psychological Analysis
Cell phone tower accuracy Statement Analysis
DNA testing/forensic evidence Racism
Trial procedures Bias -- serial reporter, who's reporting
Effective/ineffective counsel Other aspects
Motive Cristina Gutierrez efficacy
Podcast effects on actual cases  

You sources can included news reports, legal documents, Serial, police reports, and any other credible sources which can explain and support your argument.  Paper should be in MLA format including parenthetical citations and works cited page.

Free Legal Resources

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search


Google Search

Google Web Search

Scholarly Research Presentation