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BMHS English: Papas - Humanities Final Paper - Databases & Source Evaluation

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Assignment Requirements

Choose a topic below to write an 8-10 page paper with 5 credible sources.   You may not use Wikipedia.  Do not summarize several works in several paragraphs.  If you are discussing more than one piece or art or music, limit the discussion to 3-4 major works.

A. Choose one artist in the modern area of humanities ( ex. Damien Hirst) and explain how the Greek/Roman classical influence is apparent in his and/or her work.

B. Choose one modern tragic playwright and explain whether or nor his and/or her work meets the criteria of a good tragedy as set forth by Aristotle in The Poetics

C. Choose a modern-day protagonist who either meets or defies Aristotle's ideals for a protagonist (hamartia, good person who has hamartia, must evoke pity and sympathy) (think:Dexter)

D. To be considered having literary or artistic value, a work must meet all 5 of the branches of philosophy (anesthetics, metaphysics, etc.). Choose a modern artist/composer/writer and examine whether or not his and/or her work meets the criteria of having literary or artistic merit.

E. Choose an artist, writer, choreographer, filmmaker, or musician who changed his and/or her industry and made important contributions; describe the evolution and widespread impact of him and/or her.


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